If we start a talk about tradition of bengal Sarees for Wedding then Baluchari Sarees & Swarnachari Silk saree Online exude the motivation. These propelled the artisans of Baluchar centuries ago.

The art is about depicting tales through their handwoven silk sarees. Most iBaluchari saree with priceimportantly These Sarees characterized by artistic motifs. It depicts scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharat and other Mythologies. Beside this sculptures made on historical temples weaved on the saree borders and pallu.

Baluchari Work in Pallu reflects the deep engage-ment of the artist and motivation to carry forward our traditions.

swarnachari baluchari saree

The first Nawab of Bengal, Murshid Quli Khan patronized this rich weaving Bengal Saree tradition. Firstly he brought this craft to Baluchar village of West Bengal. And as the time passed the culture of this weaving tradition moved to Bishnupur, the City of temples of Bankura District. His encouragements made this art earn accolades worldwide. From the beginning story of this art finally named it Baluchari Saree. And It flourished with the name of Balucheri weaving.

Bishnupuri Swarnachari Pure Silk SareeBalucheri sarees are also very popular today. These are in trend as Sarees for Wedding and high profile parties. Because these sarees are a work of art in their own right. The Baluchari Sarees & Swarnachari Silk saree Online are adored globally for different designs. Baluchari Saree patterns are actually like a picture book. Besides that showcases some of the most revered mythological stories of India. Adorning the borders and pallus, these vivid illustrations are extremely unique. Besides that Some sarees also depict instances out of ancient times or even Vedic themes.

For any special occasion anyone can browse and wear Sournachari sarees or Baluchari sarees with price. Its no doubt handpicked sarees for occasions like marriages and religious celebrations. Because of their special designs that have a religious element attached to it.Bridal Swarnachari Saree Online

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