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Here we are available with custom stitching facility. At the time of product selection you can opt for stitching of blouse and also place order for stitching Dress material when you select Dress material.

The Splendor of Pure Silk Sarees

Pure Silk Sarees or Pattu Saree have universal appeal for the regal feel they provide. Silk has good strength, is one of the best in fabric fibres. A natural shine, soft, smooth textured, pure silk is not slippery like many other fibres. OnlineNaksha offers attractive range of Bishnupuri Silk, Printed Pure Silk Sarees Online India, Sarees from Kolkata and many more.

Silk has a long history in India. It is, Resham in eastern and north India, and Pattu in southern parts of India. Silk is a natural fiber produce from the cocoons of mulberry silkworm via a Sericulture process.

The yarns produce from the process of sericulture are use in weaving a variety of textiles. For example Pure Silk Sarees, Pattu Saree, Bishnupuri silk, Printed Pure Silk Sarees Online India . Since it is a natural fiber, Silk has a smooth and soft texture. The elasticity of a silk fabric is poor, hence if stretch; it takes the shape as it is.

It can be weaken if exposed to too much sunlight. This may also be attacked by insects, especially if left dirty. The pure silk fabric has a shimmering appearance, though has interrupting patterns of weave due to its natural fibre.

The triangular prism-like structure allows the fabric to refract the lights, hence producing various colors in different lighting. Today, India is world’s second largest producer of silk after China. Not only that, India is also the largest consumer of silk Celebrations playing vital role in day to day life of any Indian.

OnlineNaksha Offers Silk Mark certified sarees with very reasonable price. Excellent quality and unique designs are our main USP.

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