Bengali Cotton Sarees are popular for its versatility, performance and natural comfort. The most popular Bengali Saree such as Tant Saree, Dhanekhali, Tangail, Dhakai Jamdani Shari etc. These are light and airy. Consequently, these are best for everyday use as well as on special occasions.

Handloom Cottons are excellent for summers. Bengali Cotton Sarees are in demand for its softness, shrinkage, versatility and lightness. Cotton fabric allows air to flow through freely. The fabric absorbs sweat and releases it on its surface. This is what people call as the fabric breathing. Therefore, women consider Cotton Saris as an asset in clothing, particularly in hot climates. It is also a cost effective cloth. These sarees go with any occasion and on women of any age.

West Bengal is known for its Hand loom Sarees. Moreover, Bengal sarees has universal appeal today. Indian women around the world like its elegant features. Also, these sarees are ideal and best for hot and humid weather.

Online Naksha presents very selective range of Tant Saree, Dhakai Jamdani Shari at a reasonable price. Our Cotton sarees are a celebration of the ages old weaving culture of West Bengal. These are traditionally made by Bengali weavers, and popular for its light and transparent look. These sarees has designed borders and decorated pallus. In addition, variety of floral, geometric and paisley designs, small buttas and motifs woven on tant sarees. These sarees are elegant yet stylish. Colorful yet Classy.

So, Select your hand loom cotton saree at and give your wardrobe an traditional touch.

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