Mulberry silk in India is one of the most renowned and popular forms of Silk, particularly when it comes to textiles.In other words, we can say it’s the highest and finest quality of Silk. The features of Mulbery or Malberry Silk are endless. Mulbery Silk are made from silk worms that raised in captivity under exact conditions. This silk is so fine and refined as the silk worms of the moth are fed only mulberry tree leaves. It is the most durable and luxurious kind of Silk. Mostly it woven in the hand loom. This is also unbelievably soft and smooth in texture. Many of the females likes  to wear sarees as to expose their pride and dignity.

The shimmering Mulberry Silk In India showcases the shining and attractive look of a woman. For most Indian women the use of silk has become a status symbol, therefore women are always ready to maintain their status with these beautiful mulberry silk sarees. Select from our range of colors and designs. Choose the right jewelry with it. It will surely help you to create a head turner attire.

So if you like to feel the comfort of exquisite drapes, then you will love our Malberry Silk collections. Online Naksha offers variety of Exclusive Mulberry Silk Sarees. Our products are certified by the Silk Mark Authority of India. The fine texture and quality we offer to our clients is remarkable. Our sarees will definitely adds a whole new dimension of class in your saree collection.

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