3102 Batik Handpainted Silk

Batik Handpainted Silk

Now Batik Handpainted Silk (Wax resist dying) is available at the best price with Online Naksha. This waxing is done on mulberry silk. Full pattern of painting performed in finest manner. This is a half half handpainted batik saree with a color combination of yellow and brown. The saree designed in half half manner. Batik paint done on half portion and in the borders. Beautiful kalka type Nakkashi drawing can be seen all over. We provide Silk Mark with this saree.

Generally Handpainted Batik has a layer of wax on it, thus it looks dull and wax came out after each wash, this is also a proof of original “Batik”. After some wash original silk shine is visible.

When you think to be draped in different then this Batik saree is a must have. Order batik handpainted Batik silk saree from Online Naksha.

Happy Shopping !

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