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Tussar Silk – The Trendy Choice of A Woman. Because its unexampled epitome of delicacy, rich textured attribute, and the natural impression. When it comes to textiles, India is again one of the richest. No matter how modern the world becomes, there are things that outgrows all the modernity and fast paces and undoubtedly saree is one of them. The saree’s in India does not come from one state alone. Indian Sarees are blend from the different regions of the country. Other than sarees, Tussar Silks are being used widely in the textile market of India. Tussar Silk Suit, kurta, scarf, dupatta, shirting are one of them.

Tussar Silk

As fashion is changing and progressing at a pace never seen before. Today’s urban woman , also following the modernism by the side of clothing, draping, wearing make up etc. To change the old traditions and turn them into trendy and modern forms.

Tussar, or Kosa, silk, also known as forest or wild silk, collected from cocoons of larvae of a variety of wild silkworms. It is different from Mulberry silk in that it is heavily textured. It is also famous for its natural dull gold sheen. Tussar silk takes up colours quite easily due to its rich texture and the final product comes up with a rich, deep hue with a natural shine, Ideal for semi formal and formal occasions, tussar silk are prefect for any season. The strength of the tussar yarn due to its short fiber length makes it one of the most durable fabrics. Thus a tussar silk while a bit expensive, is an excellent investment that will retain its natural luster and elegance for a very long time.

Tussar Silk

Our country, India, is the land of festivals, so people always search for new fashions and styles to bring some changes in their style statement, and look more glamorous, attractive and appealing . Tussar Silk always helps to provide a simple yet elegant look to flaunt by its natural beauty.

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